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I can use 195mm cranks and with these 'weapons'can distance all the amateurs who find themselves together on the Ravenna Bertinoro and tear of Polenta: its 'stretch' has become deadly, taking off the wheels of opponents.

Angelini M.
Painter and amateur racing cyclist, San Pietro in Vincoli (RA)


Using 190mm I saw a 15% improvement.

Update January 2013:

I have been riding with Zencranks PAS 190mm (so far on my chrono bike) achieving victories and podium placements at Italian Championship level Senior. I recently tested the new integrated Zenpedals, and the accelleration from seated is even better, very good from changing from flat to uphill for example in sudden switches you do not feel the longer crank and it's easy to maintain the cadence, when switching down gear remains constant; the sensation in compare to standard 175mm is to use less energy and reduce fatigue at same speed. On flat riding the tendency is to pedal around 105 rpm even with a 55 chain ring. My personal opinion is cadence may increase with Qrings (Rotor). In short uphills when seated is easy pedalling at 85/90 rpm. I plan to test soon the 184mm with new Zenpedals on my road bike, that with the old non integrated pedals made my legs feel "stiff" on the distance.

Gabriele Davi
Piedmont Amateur Team


I greatly improved in the wake of the group in flat plain and as a sprinter. Pedaling uphill we detected a deterioration of gait so I prefer the classic 172mm (this shows that Zencranks promote a new way to ride due to cyclists particular habits and tactics). The way that echoes the Contador method of Armstrong pedaling up a hill at high frequency and sitting in the saddle point gives a good example of how to tackle the climbs species with high slope with higher return.

Negrini E.
Long-distance cyclist won the Marathon of the Dolomites Bologna Cycles Salieri


I obtained an improvement of 2-3km / h on average moving from the classic 170mm to Zencranks 184mm, with reduced fatigue.

Massi R.
Former professional cyclist, polka dot jersey Tour de France


I found exceptional acceleration and reduction of fatigue from sitting on the plain and hill. Initially had cramps due to an incorrect positioning saddle, problem solved with a new seat, pedals and then had excellent results. In the next time trial will use 190 mm cranks.

Grazia Max
World Champion 2010 & 2011 Individual Udace Cronus


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