SportLab Test

Thanks to Juan Carlos from BIOMECÁNICA y SALUDour both our cyclist and here in our lab have the possibility to test the ZENCRANKS cranks patented by Dr. Zeno Zani.

It is a system capable to improve efficiency in pedaling by means of a strategic mechanic mechanism during the pedaling cycle, promoting higher acceleration and a better use of forces on the cranks.

The test in our lab with professional cyclist ESTEBAN PLAZA MIRA resulted in an average increase of +18W at anaerobic threshold power, i.e., almost a 7% efficiency increase under lab conditions.

Currently there is no limitation to use these cranks during UCI competitions and therefore there is an increasing number from cyclists. Similarly at amateur and touring levels; nevertheless and in order to get the most of this system professional and adequate fitting is required.

On May 11th we will meet at Zaragoza with Juan Carlos from BIOMECÁNICA y SALUD to go deeper into this issue. See you!