Stefano Doldi

Stefano Doldi Stefano Doldi has been seeking/scouting highly innovative and functional products in the sports and more markets. He has been active in the cycling market for over 20 years as a sales & marketing independent consultant. His career in the cycling arena started in Northern California where he lived for over 15 years and met, spent great time and/or rode (as a enthusiast) with milestones such as Gary Fisher, Jeff Lindsay, Bob Seals, John Tomac, Joe Breezer, Tom Ritchey, Hans Rey, Ned Overend, Paola Pezzo, Giovanna Bonazzi, Sally Edwards and Corrado Herin.

Stefano has been playing a fundamental role in the launch of break-through innovative products and technologies, among which the most succesful:

  • Bicycles (Monolith, Iron Horse, and Yokota Cycles USA)
  • All Sports Gloves (Fergie's - USA)
  • Hydration Systems (CamelBak - USA)
  • Snowshoes (YubaShoes and PowderWings - USA)
  • Multifunctional Tubular Headwear (Buff - Spain, ZubWear - USA, HAD - Germany, K-Wind - Spain)
  • Rotor Cranks Systems and QRings elliptical chainrings (Rotor Componentes - Spain)
  • GoPro All Sports Videocameras Full HD
  • dimar-hbm 100% Hand Made in Italy composite carbon fiber bicycle frames "onlycustom"

In 2011, Stefano joined Dr. Zani in the Zencranks PAS (Power Augmentation [crank] Systems) presented in this website, after almost 6 years from their first encounter when the project was at very early stage. He is now actively part of this venture from his home town in Italy, near the native village of Fausto Coppi, in southern Piedmont, and ready to get back to California for the launch in the US that may take place sooner than what we would expect.