Zeno Zani

Dr. Zani Zeno Zani was born and grew up in Italy, in the town of Cesena in Emilia Romagna, the region that gave birth to some among the most popular Italian cyclists (among which Pantani, Baldini, Pambianco, Vicini...). Zeno studied medicine at the Bologna University where he specialized in Sports Medicine and started his profession, in 1988.

Zeno Zani practiced cyclism and raced as a debutant and further on as an amateur in both road and mtb. Similar to Apple's co-founder Steve Jobs who started his project in his garage, Dr. Zani started in the cellar of his home and he enjoys this environment.

In 1990 he began focusing on frame manufacturing techniques, ergonomic positioning of the cyclist on the bike, and biomechanics. The concentration is on care and prevention derived from poor postural positioning (often underestimated by both beginners and professional athletes).  Major champions such as Pantani, Gotti and Cipollini turned to Dr. Zani to resolve postural problems.

Dr. Zani took part as a speaker to several medical-scientific congresses and symposiums, committing himself in finding solutions to techno-pathologies from incorrect postures, core of his profession of research and prevention.

The year 2000 marks a shift in the study of new technique and approach which leads him to realize some modification to pedals and strategical enlargment of the crank arms over 180mm and up to 200 mm (!) today identified in "Zencranks PAS" ("Power Augmentation System") patented by Dr. Zani in 2011 (after over 5 years of testing proving inequivocable and dramatical inprovements in performance at cyclists's same efforts --and with no side effects-- described in the "PERFORMANCE" page of this website).

Dr. Zani has published two books edited by Ediciclo currently available in italian and Spanish (English will be available in the near future): "Le tecnopatie del ciclismo. I disturbi da errato posizionamento, i possibili rimedi" and "Pedalare bene. Il posizionamento in bicicletta. La scelta del telaio e dei componenti . Il gesto e l'uso sequenziale del cambio rapporti".

Dr. Zeno ZANI - Cyclism Doctor
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