Going from a standard crank arm length of 175 mm to 190 mm long ZENCRANKS accentuates the total gravitational fall of 300mm which, associated with an increased cadence, allows users to compete uphill with "climbers" or "Passista climbers" of decreased weight with stunning results. During the long-distances of races or training muscle fatigue will be reduced, if the posture on the bike and in particular the fore/aft of the seat and the positioning of the cleats of the shoes are correct, as per instructions (authorized dealers will be instructed in this regard through training).

In collaboration with Italian amateur and professional cyclists, ZENCRANKS and showed improvements in the speed uphill, up to 25% depending on the slope and relevant speed. More precisely from 8km/h to 10km/h or from 24km/h to 28km/h and so on and 2% increase on flat from 50mkh to 51kmh over one hr ride.

ZENCRANKS are available in lengths of 180mm, 184mm, 190mm, 195mm, 200mm. This is ideal for the inseam of riders taller than 5'4" and a minimum inseam of 2'7".