ZENCRANKS PAS (Power Acceleration System) represents an epic change in the dynamics of the cycling motion. This change is like the shift from wooden to carbon tennis racquets, where new products outperformed and completely replaced the previous ones. Such a radical change may instigate surprise and doubt, especially since crank lengths of 170-175 mm have been the benchmark for cranks for over 100 years. However, the results obtained during 5 years of studies show the largest increase in road cycling performance in the past 100 years.

Increase Acceleration

The longer crank length allows you to get more power from each pedal rotation. The increase in torque results in an increase in acceleration.

Reduce Fatigue

Because each pedal rotation produces more output power, you'll find that less effort is required, even in your uphill climbs.

UCI Compliant

Zencranks comply with UCI regulations on materials and can be used nromally in all competitions including the Pro-Tour cycling.

Fits all Chainrings

Zencranks are compatible with all chainrings with a bold circle diameter of 110 mm. They can be mounted on standard geometry frames, but specific sizes are recommended.

I have found that climbing with the cranks is definitely more efficient. The pedals stroke is much more fluent throughout the stroke. Jim Doyle, Ireland

I was impressed that my performance went up by 15% with 190 mm cranks Zencranks despite being the first ride after several months of inactivity.Doldi Stefano

I can use 195mm cranks and with these 'weapons'can distance all the amateurs who find themselves together on the Ravenna BertinoroAngelini M.

I greatly improved in the wake of the group in flat plain and as a sprinter.Negrini E.